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High Google Page Rank websites

PageRank 10

Currently 12 domains

  • - Google, the most popular Internet search engine, and the one that assigns this PageRank we're rambling on about.
  • - World Wide Web Consortium, the organization behind most web specifications like HTML, CSS and so on.
  • - The U.S. Government's official web portal.
  • - The main domain is no longer PR10, but these two pages are:
  • - Government of India
  • - United States Department of Health and Human Services
  • - U.S Government recovery board
  • - The European Library - searches the content of European national libraries.
  • - Europeana - "The cultural collections of Europe".
  • - Cable News Network, American television news channel
  • - Ministry of Information Industry Records in China
  • - AddThis bookmarking/sharing service - this page is linked to by every page using the system (as used to be), hence the PR10.

PageRank 9

Currently 148 domains

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